Wait For Me statue by Paul Moore

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Outside the Children’s Museum in Muncie is a whimsical bronze called “Wait for Me”.  The piece was cast in 1999 by artist Paul Moore.  There are five children arranged from largest to smallest (right to left).  The four largest are linked hand in hand, but the smallest has let go to stop and inspect the ground for a bug to put in his jar.  Since the largest child seems unaware of the bug catching, he pulls the group along (he carries a toy train under his arm.)  The second largest kid is adorned in firefighting gear and pulls behind him the third child who is dressed in a costume with a tail and carries a Teddy Bear.  The fourth child, a little girl no longer holds the hand of the center child, but has a firm grasp on the costume tail and appears to be tugging to keep the line of children from moving forward.  The girl has a book under her right arm as she leans backwards to pull back on the chain of children.

It’s a fun collection of unique children, each connected, but having different interests and seeing the world with different points of view