The Lodge at River Valley Farm

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The venue that features 5,000 square feet of total air-conditioned and heated space. Guests of The Lodge are greeted by three oversized spouting boulders. Ample seating by the way of benches and rockers make this a tranquil place for guests to relax. Once inside, we offer three distinct rooms rolled into one openly planned floor space. We start out with the reception room past the three french entrance doors. There is also a complete catering kitchen equipped with all the necessities.  From there, we lead you to the open dance area/multi purpose room in which the beams are wrapped in both twinkle lights and flowing fabric. To the left of this room are indoor restrooms for both men and women consisting of three stalls each.  As we pass through another duo of french doors, we enter the 2,500 square foot dining area with its massive stone fireplace and beautiful hand-crafted mantel. There are two doors to each side of the fireplace that lead to a bench lined covered porch overlooking the woods to the south side. All of this has been professionally landscaped with the flowers changed out with the season.
Also on the property is the original farm house that has been completely renovated to be used in our bridal packages and as an office for our event coordination services. We are currently offering a bridal slumber party for the bride and her bridesmaids to stay in the farm house the night prior to her big day! We offer both indoor and outdoor ceremony sites. Should the weather not cooperate on your special day, we are fully prepared for an alternate plan.

 (765) 759-0442