The Barn on Boundary

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The Barn on Boundary provides a rustic elegance for leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests. Our barn gives you 8,600 sq. ft. of floor space with 2 levels to have your wedding ceremony upstairs while having your reception downstairs with outdoor ceremony options as well. We rent our barn for the entire weekend so it’s less stress on you and your families. What makes our barn venue unique is the original details throughout the barn. Our barn has original timbers with the bark still intact from the early 1900’s, horse stalls with the horses name still handwritten from the past, old love letters from 1912 that were found while renovating, and a hand built bar made out of original barn gates. The barn sits on 220 acres of open country side with grain bins and a pond. The beautiful open countryside setting, and the elegance of chandeliers with the ambiance of cozy string lighting throughout the barn is a photographer’s dream. All generations can appreciate the history and architecture of what our barn can offer. We take great pride in providing families with an experience and atmosphere to make their event memorable.

(765) 748-6193    thebarnonboundary.com