The Aerial Annex

The Aerial Annex is Muncie, Indiana’s only aerial silks studio.  Aerial Silks combine dance, acrobats and flexibility while moving gracefully through the air. This decades old form of circus performance is quickly becoming more popular across the US as it is becoming widely accessible to larger areas of our population.

​We are excited to bring this creative and artistic form of movement to the Muncie area and be able to spread our enthusiasm for the sport with many others!

The only aerial arts studio in Muncie.
We have classes for all levels from beginner all the way through advance. We also have youth classes available for ages 9-14.
Everyone, other than those attending the youth classes, are required to complete an “Intro to Aerial” class before moving on to Level 1 Silks.
We are located inside of the MadJax building, downtown Muncie. You may enter through the south door of the building.
765-620-1252      515 E Main Street, Muncie 47305