Muncie Memory Spiral

The Muncie Memory Spiral is an 800’ spiral pathway and garden that will be a beautiful new feature in Heekin Park that focuses on Muncie’s history.  Along the landscaped spiral are 23 signs containing images and text about events and themes significantly related to the history of Muncie, Indiana and the surrounding area.  The entrance to the pathway begins with signage about Muncie’s most recent history. As one travels along the spiral, visitors and signage will “spiral back in time” until one reaches the center of the spiral, where there is a gathering space with seating and a shade structure, as well as signage relating to the history of Heekin Park and the importance of the spiral design. In addition, the landscaping also ties into the history theme, as visitors will first encounter shrubs, flowers, and plantings common in contemporary landscapes in our area. Then, as walkers approach the center of the spiral, the plantings change to reflect those indigenous to our area at the time when Native Americans were our primary residents.