Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park, one of Muncie’s hidden pleasures, is inviting you to experience the enjoyment of a day at the park. Both a place for relaxation and recreation, the park tailors to the needs of all its patrons. The events building, a significant asset of Mansfield Park, stands directly across from the pond. This large, multi-purpose building can be rented for wedding receptions, meetings, and much more. Attributes like two fireplaces and kitchen facilities make it a convenient and inviting place to have your event. In 2003, as a part of the continuing effort of the trustee to improve the quality of the park, a survey was undertaken to discover the public’s perception about the different park facilities, prevailing problems, if any, and to gather suggestions on improving its quality.

One of the most celebrated features of the park is the pond, the focal point of the entire park. Set in the center of rolling, green lawns, it lends itself to the beautiful and serene atmosphere of Mansfield Park. The pond attracts many people, whether it is for a peaceful afternoon of fishing or a day in the sun. In one corner of the pond is a raised gazebo, a place to rest by the water.

Expansive lawns for pick-up games of football or ultimate Frisbee surround the pond. Two tennis courts and a soccer field are also available to park patrons. Shuffleboard courts and horseshoe pits have also recently been added. For the children, a full play set can provide hours of fun. A pavilion of picnic tables on the park grounds is the perfect place for an outdoor meal with friends or family.

2801 S Eaton Ave, Muncie

(765) 288-3818