Lowery’s Home Made Candies

Begun in 1941, we’ve been a family business for over 78 years. While we’ve watched the world around us change a great deal, here at Lowery’s we’ve done our best to keep most things the same:
  • Our jealously guarded recipes
  • Our search for only the freshest, finest ingredients
  • Our absolute commitment to quality
And the way we still hand-dip every single chocolate. If you were to peek behind the doors of our candy kitchens, you’d see cremes being stirred in copper kettles, toffee being poured out to cool on marble slabs. And, instead of the “enrobing machines” other companies use to coat their candies, you’d see real people, hand-dipping the finest pecans, almonds, cherries, and our special Dark Secrets®.
Making candy this way takes longer, and it requires skills learned and practiced over decades. But it’s the only way to make candy as good as Lowery’s. “Old-fashioned Quality.” It’s a phrase often heard. At Lowery’s, it’s a reality. And we promise to do our best to keep it that way.
6255 W Kilgore Ave, Muncie
(765) 288-7300