Hurley C. Goodall

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This life-sized, bronze statue of Hurley C. Goodall is located in Fireman’s Park at the northwest corner of Madison and Jackson Streets. Muncie Arts and Culture Council is honored to spotlight the Dedication of the Hurley C. Goodall Statue as a “10 for 10 MACCtivity” ー a series of events we’re highlighting in 2019 to recognize MACC’s 10th anniversary of celebrating and supporting arts & culture in Muncie! Learn more about Muncie’s public art collection at

The statue was designed by Hoosier artist, Bill Wolfe and cast at Sincerus Foundry in Indianapolis. Muncie’s Parks Department, S.A. Boyce Corp, Wilhoite Monuments, and Jay-Crew Landscaping prepared Fireman’s Park for the statue, under the guidance of Community Enhancement Projects.
Hurley C. Goodall was born May 23, 1927 in Muncie. A graduate of Muncie Central High School, Goodall served a tour in the United States Army as part of the occupying force in Japan at the end of the Second World War. Upon returning home, he married Fredine and began work at Muncie Malleable Foundry. Goodall became active in Labor and Civil Rights at this time, becoming a leader of both in Muncie. In 1958 he was hired with John Blair as the first paid African American firefighters in Muncie. After retiring from the MFD in 1978, Goodall was elected as a Muncie representative in the Indiana General Assembly, a role in which he served until 1992. Upon retiring from elected office, Goodall began work at Ball State’s Center for Middletown Studies, compiling the history of Muncie and Delaware County’s African-Americans. Goodall served on numerous boards, including the Muncie Board of Education and is a lifelong member of the NAACP – Muncie Chapter.