Heidi J Hale Designs

The custom, handmade jewelry produced at Heidi J Hale is made with quality materials and natural stones procured from all over the world. We take pride in our custom product line that combines classic elegance with everyday casual. While most of our pieces are made with fine silver, we are known to dabble in gold, bronze and sterling silver as well. Our online store features our most popular items that are shipped to customers all over the world. In 2015, we opened our very first retail store in Muncie, Indiana where you can find our most unique and one of a kind pieces not sold online.

All of our jewelry is designed and handcrafted by our metalsmiths and local artisans in downtown Muncie, Indiana. Each item we offer is custom and handmade. We do not order anything pre-fabbed, as we make every piece from scratch. This intricate process ensures that the items we sell are not only unique but made with personal care and high quality.

 301 S Walnut St #102, Muncie 

(765) 896-8277