Dress Well Boutique

Enhancing health and wellness through a love for fashion.
Open Tuesday through Friday, 12-5
Saturday 12-3
Contact: info@shopdresswellboutique.com
108 S Walnut St, Muncie, IN 47305   https://www.facebook.com/dresswellboutique

An appreciation for health, wellness, and fashion fueled the inception of Dress Well Boutique.  Our boutique offers a unique shopping opportunity for individuals who are searching for a diverse mix of fashionable, eco-friendly dresses. Throughout the process of developing this boutique, our eyes were opened even more of the need for sustainable clothing options. We learned from colleagues, as well as through further research, that the fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of humanity’s carbon emissions. Further, we discovered that more than 85 percent of all textiles end up in a landfill each year and that commonly purchased fabrics can be harmful to our skin and contribute to water pollution (Businessinsider.com/fastfashion, 2019).

We are proud to bring you an inventory consisting of 95% sustainable, eco-friendly materials making efforts to promote environmental wellness. Along with our quest to make a positive impact on mother earth, we hope that the free wellness information included within each shipment sparks your interest toward exploring the personal benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Striving to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of as many people as possible, while adding flair to wardrobes everywhere, aligns with the mission and vision of Dress Well Boutique.  It is an honor to serve you in this capacity!