Outdoor Art

Shafer Tower

Every 15 minutes, 48 custom-made bells covering four octaves ring out across the Ball State campus from Shafer Tower. As the crowning glory of the north end of campus, Shafer Tower rises 150 feet in the air from the middle of McKinley Avenue. The tower is named after Phyllis and Hamer Shafer, members of the Miller College of Business Hall o f Fame and benefactors of the university and Muncie community. The tower is used to play pre-recorded music or music played on an off-site keyboard. For special occasions, a carillonneur can climb the tower where a keyboard attached to cables is used to strike the bells and produce music.


Richard Kishel mad this fiberglass statue of Jesus in front of the Fountain Square United Methodist Church of Muncie. The statue was put in place in 1981.


The glass sculpture is an etched blue crystal multi-dimensional disk created by noted glass artist Christopher Ries. The sculpture, donated by Patricia Schaefer, weighs more than 700 pounds and is nearly 7 feet tall including its pedestal base. The sculpture was unveiled April 1, 2008.

Spirit of the American Doughboy

A bronze sculpture on a limestone base by E.M. Viquesney. World War I soldier, dressed in uniform, walking forward. He is holding a grenade up in his right hand and a rifle in his left hand. Copyrighted 1934, dedicated 1939.

Threshold of Knowledge

Created in 2001 by Delaware County Sculptor, Kenneth G. Ryden, this sculpture portrays a bronze figure of a medical intern stepping through a 10 foot tall stainless steel arch. The arch represents a gateway to new discoveries in medicine and the passage from intern to practitioner. Prepared by years of training, the intern follows the light of knowledge (represented by a flame) into the field of endeavor.

Kenneth G. Ryden is a professional sculptor who has created many public monuments for institutions and municipalities as well as custom bronzes for private collections. He maintains a studio at his Yorktown residence.

Tribute to Mankind

A 1973 20 foot tall abstract sculpture of Cor-ten steel with red Epoxy by artist Richard F. Kishel

Two Laughing Children Playing

A bronze fountain on a concrete base on the west side of the E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center. Two children sit opposite one another in a round basin, one laughing and the other hiding its face from the water. The sculpture is signed “Grace Halen Talbot.”

Unity Bridge

A community project directed by the Mayor’s Youth Council. Local artist Brian Blair painted the hands which were designed by Donnie Adams. The remainder of the piece was painted by the Mayor’s Youth Council members. Located just south of downtown Muncie on Madison Street.

Untitled William Pruett Sculpture

William Pruett’s steel design to the north of the College of Architecture and Planning building on Ball State University’s campus. Ca. 1974

Virgin Mary and Child Jesus

V. Morodor made the Statue of Virigin Mary with Baby Jesus in 1951. Located in a triangle between sidewalks at St. Mary School. The statue is part of the school’s ‘May Crowning’ ceremony.

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