Outdoor Art


The 7 foot bronze sculpture was created in 1998 by Delaware County artist Kenneth G. Ryden. A winged sprite-like figure balances gracefully on a symbolic stack of books. The sculpture depicts the dawn of understanding as revealed in the awakened human intelligence.

Kenneth G. Ryden is a professional sculptor who has created many public monuments for institutions and municipalities as well as custom bronzes for private collections. He maintains a studio at his Yorktown residence.


Bronze sculpture created by Mabel Landrum Torrey in 1957.



Light Symphony

Colored glass and light are combining to create a mammoth work of art in the foyer of Ball State’s Music Instruction Building. The unique 23-by-40-foot 3-D light painting by artist Stephen Knapp (American born 1947).

Art critics have called Knapp’s lightpaintings the first new art form of the 21st century. Some of his better-known, large-scale lightpaintings and glass sculptures include “Luminous Affirmations” in Tampa, Fla., and the “Crystal Quilt” in Lincoln, Nebraska.

After months of planning, Knapp constructed the lightpainting near his Worcester, Mass., studio. Once the lightpainting was tested, it was then dismantled, shipped and installed in the Music Instruction Building 2006.

Lintel at Depot Location

Originally from Union Depot located at 630 S. High St., Muncie. The building was demolished in 1990 and the stone along with other artifacts were saved and given to the East Central Reinvestment Corp. which was leading the fight to save the station. ECRC has given the stone to the Cardinal Greenway for use in the Wysor Street Depot for display outside of the station.


Artist: Dick Kishel

Maxi-Antecedent II

Created by artist Lila Katzen (American 1926-1998). Vertically-placed rectangular steel piece with shapes cut out from the top and sides. The cut out pieces remain partially attached and either bend toward the ground or out to the side. Erected 1978. A gift of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney M. Feldman

McDonald’s Sign

Installed in 1958 this historic McDonald’s sign is one of only two remaining of its kind. The sign was restored in 2006 and again in 2013.


Monsignor Cyr

J. Faulner made this wonderful bust of Monsignor Edgar Cyr at St. Mary School in 1985.

Night Song

A bronze sculpture by artist Joe Beeler dedicated on December 9, 1998. Donated to the City of Muncie by the Sherman & Marjorie Zeigler Foundation to be the centerpiece of Riverbend Park.

Passing of the Buffalo

The Last Arrow. The 1929 Cyrus E. Dallin (American 1861-1944) sculpture was purchased by Edmund F. Petty in 1975, who proposed that it be acquired as a tribute to his father, Fred J. Petty. In 1976, the memorial was donated to the City of Muncie and was installed at the intersection of Walnut and Charles Streets in front of the Ball Stores department store. By the summer of 1999, the department store had closed, and the building had been demolished. Street repairs necessitated moving the statue, so the opportunity was taken to perform much-needed restoration and preservation. The sculpture has been displayed at Minnetrista since the restoration until it was moved to Downtown Muncie on September 26, 2007.

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